Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snowy Night in Tokyo

Last, night it snowed here in my Tokyo neighborhood Shimokitazawa. Went out at 12 AM to shoot. It was nice having the place to myself.. Shimikitazawa is a special neighborhood where the streets are less gridded and they wander through rustic theaters, cafes, bars, restaurants, music houses, and shops. It's a place for young Japanese hipsters and Bohemians. It said that this place retains it's old neighborhood charm as it was never hit by bombs during WWII. I find it reminiscent of places like the Village in New York, Haight Ashbury in SF, Adams Morgan in D.C., and such places in America. It's noted that most of this area will be torn down as the city ward plans to build a major road that will cut this place in half.

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