Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Releasing my Film Online

"From the Heart of Asia"

I've decided to release a documentary I shot about Mongolia online. It's called "From the Heart of Asia" and this is only a small segment as an example. I did this years ago for a Japanese company and it was for an online web-documentary portal. The project took me over a year to shoot and required living and travel throughout Mongolia. One key concept and format is that I met various people along the way at which point I'd film. I would appear unannounced and interviewed locals to get their life perspectives and stories. The method was to ask 3 questions at a time and allow them to answer them all together in dialog. Usually 3 cameras were used to get all the vantage points. This created a more visceral result and gave the effect of being a ghost in the room and listening to someone narrate about their world. I also captured the events of the Nadaam National Games. It's an event that celebrates strength, harmony, and precision. (Wrestling, Overland Horse Racing, and Archery). This was my first film and a great learning experience. The basic framework and my narration was scripted but most of the film otherwise was not. Although looking at it now, I find it could at times be slow. It's never boring and the visual imagery is beautiful. Adding to it is an incredible soundtrack of traditional Mongolian folk music. Here's a segment posted as a test as to how the site handles video. Be patient, I'm still learning...