Sunday, April 10, 2011

Images from the Disaster

DSC_4620DSC03191ShibuyaRainyNightDSC03189DSC03185Tokyo During the Earth Quake
Images from the Disaster:
Sometimes pictures can offer more than words. I shot these while traveling through one of the hardest hits areas in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. The coastal towns along the entire North East Japan seaboard shares the same type of devastation. The power of the earthquake and tsunami is surreal. Within many of these shots are buried lost lives. Many will never be identified and many more will ever be found. When you stand within these scenes there is a haunting silence which is broken up by echos of a few volunteers and soldiers searching through the debris. When the wind blows through, the clatter makes for an uneasy moment. Some of the buildings were ripped from foundations and were tumbled. It's a view of darkened windows, exposed substructures, twisted steel beams, smashed cement, and charred objects. Cars could be seen atop tall buildings and trees. There were pieces of everyday life indiscriminately scattered. There's a pungent smell. A mixture of dust, decay, dead fish, sludge, and chemicals. The lasting feeling that is carried away from scenes like this can be defined from one word; "Inescapable..."


  1. This is like a war zone.I have seen that at Thailand when I was volunteer there for the other big Tsunami strike.But this...I am so sad over the situation there.I have friend and people I love and care all over that Island..I just wish for all those victims to get a home as soon as it can be humanly done.My wishes and hopes are with everyone there.People of Japan making us all see what means to be brave ,noble and not to lose hope even tho you may have lost more .

  2. thank you so much for taking us along with you on your journey. I am reminded of a poem I had been reading from Farrokhzad :

    My share is to stroll quietly in the garden of memories
    And to die remembering the sad voice that says:
    "I love your hands."
    I plant my hands in the garden
    I will grow, I know, I know, I know
    And the sparrows will lay their eggs
    In the hollow of my ink-stained fingers.

    Best to you

  3. Helen,

    Thank you. That's a great poem.