Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coffee Weather

Roadside Coffee; En-route from Bao Loc to Dalat, Vietnam
So far so good. It's Saturday morning and all is well. Today it's raining sideways here in Tokyo. Strong winds, damp, overcasts, grayish, and the puddles are peppered with drizzle. Perfect! My kind of day and as I would say "Coffee Weather..." Yes, I'm a rainy day type of person. Brewing up some hot Vietnamese coffee from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Add a bit of condense milk and my one vice and addiction in life is fulfilled. People that know me know me know quite well that I can't stand cigarette smoke, don't drink alcohol (not even wine), but when it comes to coffee; well, every man his weakness. I've tried some of the best coffee in the world. The most expensive and exotic came by way of a Cevet Cat's poop in Indonesia (Kopi Luwak).
Cevet Cat, Indonesia

Some genius a long time ago had the bright idea of feeding coffee beans to a weasel like cat and then picking out the seeds after it passed through its system to roast and brew. At over $100 a cup, I thought it had to be good. It was not too shabby. Nice rich taste once you convince yourself it was fine to drink. It was earthy, mildly oily, rich, and strong. However, not the best I've had. I have to say of all the coffee I've sipped and guzzled on this great earth; Central Highlands coffee from Buon Ma Thut, Vietnam is by far the best. It's reddish, richer, strong, and has a distinct aroma.  I did find that Vietnamese also have some sort of weasel poop based coffee called Chon. Of course I have a few bags of it in my freezer. Maybe I'll break it out if the rain persists today.

Well, it's good that the blog today is not so earthquake and disaster focused. I'm still laying out my plans for my next 2 trips. Looks like I'll go next Wednesday for 3 days. Then the following week I'll go on Friday for the another 3 days. All good things require doing good things. But there's other things as well aside from the recent events. It's not something that's going to go away. But life is normalizing and I'm easing back into the things I enjoy. So, I'm off to attack today fiercely fully charged and caffeinated within reason...
Cup of Coffee in Buon Ma Thut, Vietnam

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  1. Vietnamese coffee is pretty much my favorite coffee in the world. It's of course right next to Thai iced tea as my favorite tea as well.